By joining the CLI you can contribute to marine safety in a variety of ways. We are constantly looking for individuals to serve as society members or to become trained crews for our vessels.


Can you help the Canadian Lifeboat Institution (CLI)? We are all volunteers and everyone is welcome. There are two primary ways that you can help us; join as a crew member (must also join the society), or become a society member only.

Crew member

Crew members come from all walks of life and may not have a marine background. Our crew includes coxswains, engineers, and deck crew. We train dedicated volunteers on how to safely operate our vessels and provide them with specific search and rescue skills.

To become a CLI crew member, we require the following:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Able to commit to regular training (both classroom and on-water)
  • Have a reasonable level of fitness
  • Have or able to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator’s Certificate (PCOC)
  • Have or able to obtain a Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate (ROC-M). We can provide training if required.
  • Have or able to obtain a Transport Canada Candidate Document Number (CDN)
  • Join the society

Once you have been crew for a while, we will provide further Transport Canada approved training including Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS) (the old Marine Emergency Duties MED-A3), and Marine Basic First Aid with CPR / AED. Other certifications may be added dependent on your crew level.

We operate a 6 month probationary period for all new crew members.

Note: Due to COVID-19, the CLI is operating its vessels with a limited number of crew members. Once the public health advisory is lifted, we will adjust our restriction.

Note: At all times the CLI has zero-tolerance for cannabis use amongst its crew members. You will not be allowed to train or participate in any vessel operations if you show signs of impairment (either from drugs or alcohol). Transport Canada Ship Safety Bulletin 12/1208 Legalization of cannabis in Canada and vessel operation deals with this subject.

Society member

Society members are very important to us. They may help with fundraising, finance, maintenance, public relations, or may just want to be associated with a marine safety organization. Whatever the case, we would really like to have you as a member. The annual cost is $50 and can be paid by E-Transfer, cash, or cheque.

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