BC Family Day Safety Patrol – 2024

Fraser Lifeboat conducted a Family Day safety patrol on 19 Feb 2024. No sooner had we left Steveston Harbour than we were called by a tug stating a small vessel needed assistance near Steveston Bend. We found a small aluminum boat with fishing gear and a single occupant with an overheated engine. We advised Coast Guard Radio and then towed him back to the fuel dock and continued on our patrol. We saw several commercial vessel along the way including a deeps heading for Fraser Surrey Wharfs. These patrols provide an added level of response to mariners and gives our crew valuable experience.

Line Launcher Training – Feb 2024

The CLI recently acquired two new SS series line launchers from Coast Ropes and Rescue. We tried them on the dock, and were really impressed with their capabilities. The next thing was to test them on the water. On 10 Feb 2024, Delta and Fraser Lifeboats deployed to Wellington Point area in Ladner, and Fraser L/B simulated going aground. Delta L/B practiced launching their line to us and we tried to pull in a tow line. This practice was valuable as we determined an intermediate line has to be used before pulling the heavy tow line across.  We then switched, Delta L/B went to anchor and Fraser L/B shot across to them. We even made a special rope tool to layout or line for an easy launch. Afterwards we rafted together and debriefed over a coffee on board Delta L/B. All in all a very valuable training day.

First Aid and CPR training with Delta Fire Dept – Dec 2023

Delta Fire Department has kindly provided CLI crews with an Emergency First Aid course with CPR Levels A and C. Many of our members have varying levels of first aid including Marine Basic and Advanced, Industrial, Standard, and others, but this course takes us back to basics and focuses on key life-saving techniques. 12 crew attended this session, and 18 attended the Apr 2023 session. The bonus is we provide support to the City of Delta as we are part of their Emergency Programme, and we have been trained by their knowledgeable instructors. Our members received hands-on practice including administering an epi-pen, using a tourniquet, dealing with burns, and many other things that we may see during our on-water patrols.

Ladner Carol Ships support – Dec 2023

The annual Ladner Carol Ships parade took place on 01-02 Dec 2023. Both DELTA L/B and FRASER L/B participated in providing on-water support in case of any incidents, as well as having our vessels decorated in a way that wouldn’t interfere with any SAR duties. Vessels muster near Wellington Point and sail into Ladner Harbour along the float homes. Afterward, our vessels come alongside at Ladner Lifeboat Station dock and enjoy some camaraderie and good food including Irish Stew, egg nog, hot chocolate, and various snacks. Afterward, FRSAER L/B sailed back to Steveston on completion of yet another great event.

New sign donated for Lifeboat Station Steveston – Nov 2023

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Thanks again to Sandpiper Signs & Decals for providing us with a new station sign for our Steveston Base. It looks amazing!! This is the same company that donated the Search and Rescue lettering on Fraser Lifeboat. We can’t say enough about John Pinkerton and his team for their efforts to support us.

The new sign incorporates more branding, shows our affiliation with TeamSAR, and adds our Facebook and Instagram social media links.