Remembrance Day Sailing – Nov 2023

On 11 Nov 2023, the Fraser L/B performed a short ceremony near Garry Point Park in Steveston and observed 2 minutes of silence. All flags are lowered in respect and then raised with a long blast of the ship’s horn. After that, the FRASER L/B sails to Sea Reach along the float homes into Ladner Harbour and then back to Steveston. During this time the veteran’s flag flew proudly and we received many waves from the shore.

Other crew members attended various services around the Lower Mainland, and John Horton laid a wreath at the Ladner Cenotaph. As we have many members who served or have family who served, this is always a very important day for the CLI.

Tow sailboat from Pt Roberts Wa to Steveston – Nov 2023

Delta Lifeboat sailed to  Pt. Roberts Marina to tow the 30 ft sailboat Windward, which is being generously donated to the CLI, back to Steveston to the Paramount Ship Yard, where it was put on the hard for 2 weeks for minor repairs, maintenance, and fitting out for sale. This will be a major fundraiser for the CLI once we sell the vessel.

Ground search for missing Tsawwassen man – Nov 2023

From 02 – 04 Nov 2023 several crew members participated in a search for an 86-year-old missing elderly male. The search was conducted both in Tsawwassen and in Point Roberts, WA. Our members aided the Whatcom Country Sheriff’s Office in their search. Sadly, the person was found deceased by non-CLI SAR members. Our condolences go out to friends and family of the gentleman.

City of Delta Municipal Council sailing – Oct 2023

On 14 Oct 2023 the Delta Lifeboat departed with five members of the City of Delta Municipal Council as a thank you for their generous support and to show them what the CLI does. The Delta L/B started by deploying the RHIB and taking a deadhead in a Liverpool tow to a shallow area outside of the shipping lane. This was followed by Delta L/B taking the Fraser L/B in a stern tow. This tow was then transferred to an alongside tow. The maneuverability and effectiveness of the alongside tow was demonstrated by performing a figure eight as both vessels behaved as one.

Delta L/B  anchored and the Council had a chance to visit the Fraser L/B. After coffee and snacks and some great discussions, the Delta L/B weighed anchor and a MOB exercise was performed. This concluded the demonstration and the vessels departed to their stations.

Lucille Johnston Workboat Parade and Safety Patrol – Sep 2023

On Saturday 23 Sep 2023 both Delta and Fraser Lifeboats attended the Lucille Johnston Work Boat Parade in New Westminster. We conduct a safety patrol up to Fraser Surrey Wharfs where Delta L/B anchors and Fraser L/B rafts alongside. Crews enjoy a pot-luck lunch and then head to the mustering area on the North Arm Fraser just west on the rail bridge. At 14:00 led by the Port Fraser vessel, a large group of tugs, work boats, SAR vessels, spill response, and other vessels head to the public viewing area near the Quay. Delta L/B had its fire pumps running and on its second pass discharged the starter cannon to the delight of the crowd. Fraser L/B showed it’s turning capabilities and did a high-speed run. A safety patrol was then conducted back to Ladner and Steveston.