Canadian Coast Guard training session

On 28 March 28 several crew members and coxswains of the CLI attended a training session at the Sea Island Hovercraft Base. As part of team SAR, the CLI regularly trains with the Canadian Coast Guard. This session covered hovercraft operations (passing lines, patient transfer, picking up a tow). A refresher in hypothermia was conducted featuring the latest training and seeing some new equipment in use. Finally, members received the new CCG Trauma Resilience Training course. This was an extremely informative session and we look forward to many more.

Delta & Fraser Lifeboat Herring Roe Fishery Support

From 23 Feb to 17 Mar 2019 the Delta Lifeboat and Fraser Lifeboat conducted a pre-roe herring fishery training exercise followed by a Fishery Patrol. Crews trained with both lifeboats as well as various fish boats whilst waiting for the herring to come. Our vessels deployed to Comox, on Vancouver Island and then worked the surrounding fishing grounds. Delta L/B was on station for 3 weeks and Fraser L/B deployed for 1 week. Delta L/B was also called to medevac a patient from the fishing grounds to Comox.