City of Delta Municipal Council sailing – Oct 2023

On 14 Oct 2023 the Delta Lifeboat departed with five members of the City of Delta Municipal Council as a thank you for their generous support and to show them what the CLI does. The Delta L/B started by deploying the RHIB and taking a deadhead in a Liverpool tow to a shallow area outside of the shipping lane. This was followed by Delta L/B taking the Fraser L/B in a stern tow. This tow was then transferred to an alongside tow. The maneuverability and effectiveness of the alongside tow was demonstrated by performing a figure eight as both vessels behaved as one.

Delta L/B  anchored and the Council had a chance to visit the Fraser L/B. After coffee and snacks and some great discussions, the Delta L/B weighed anchor and a MOB exercise was performed. This concluded the demonstration and the vessels departed to their stations.