Delta Lifeboat Refit – Apr-May 2020

The Delta Lifeboat carried out her annual refit at Shelter Island from the 15th April to the 14th May.  This year’s work involved removing the after deck, removal of old steel water tanks and installing two new 165-gallon stainless steel tanks.

Inspection of the ‘A’ bracket bolts and supports found degradation and so new pads and bolts were installed.  This was a huge job only made easier by the fact that the aft deck was removed.

The whole vessel was sanded, filled and painted from the keel up to the main deck.

The main work was superbly conducted by our friends at Commodore’s Boat Ltd. and by our own volunteers – Bjorn Andersson, Brian VanVliet, Tim Carey, Brian Cook, and John Horton.   ‘BZ’ to you all.

Care was taken to keep social distance and to sanitize at all times.