FCRCC Race around Bowen Island – July 2023

The False Creek Racing Canoe Club organized again this year a race circumnavigating scenic Bowen Island in Howe Sound. The CLI was requested to provide a safety vessel for this event. On Friday, July 28th the Delta L/B departed at 18:00 for transit to Snug Cove. The sea was calm and after an uneventful transit, the Delta L/B anchored 21:40 at Mannion Bay.  

The following day ‘Call the Hands’ (get out of bed) was at 06:30 in order for the crew to light the stove and get the hearty breakfast ready and devoured before RCM SAR 14 was expected to come alongside. At 08:05 Bill and his SAR team came alongside to discuss the event. It was a pleasant surprise to see former CLI crewmember Gary W, who moved to Gibsons and joined RCM SAR 14 2 years ago. Brian and Adrian left with RCM SAR 14 to attend the race committee meeting at Crippen Park Snug Cove to discuss the event and the safety role Delta and the RHIB were going to play during today’s paddling event. 

Halfway through the race, a kayaker flipped over and Delta L/B was there to help. The kayaker indicated that he was OK by using the tap on the head, which is also used by divers when they are at the surface. By using a bailing pump, he was able to empty the kayak, climb back in, and continue the race. He informed the crewmembers this was the first time this happened to him in 30 years of racing. 

Around 15:00 the race came to an end and the Delta L/B was released from its task. RCM SAR14 came alongside to pick up crew who were going back with the ferry to Horseshoe Bay. The Delta L/B departed Mannion Bay but while on the way had to return because a fender was lost and needed to be retrieved (successfully). The transit back to Ladner was again uneventful and the Delta  L/B secured at 18:41 at the lifeboat station.