Fishery Patrol and Search tasking

On Saturday 10 Sep 2022 the CLI deployed both vessels for a fishery patrol to support a recreational and commercial fishery north of Sandheads. We counted almost 200 recreational vessels and some commercial vessels north of them. During the day a distress call came in and the Fraser L/B performed a search 2 miles west of the Fraser River’s north arm. As the distress call was not clear, as well as the position where the call came from, the Fraser L/B crew hailed some vessels to ask if they were aware of any vessel in the vicinity that needed assistance. None of them were aware of any vessel needing assistance. Later during the search, we were advised by Coast Guard that it was most likely someone pressing their distress button and not being aware they did this as they were not responding to calls from Coast Guard Radio. The Fraser L/B was stood down and continued their fishery patrol.