Ladner Carol Ships Support – Dec 2021

The 2021 Ladner Carol Ships was held on Friday, December 10, and Saturday, December 11. Because the Delta Lifeboat is still on the hard, only the Fraser Lifeboat participated.

On Friday the weather forecast was 100% rain and 22 knots winds with gusts to 32 knots. Some carol ships canceled their participation but the Fraser went out there anyway as it was expected that some boats would go out. Together with RCM-SAR, we escorted the carol ships past the float homes to Ladner Harbour.

We were surprised that there were still that many people out to watch the display. On the dock at the end of Elliot street recording artists KickDrive and local vocalists, Brook & Summer performed.

On our way back to Steveston the opportunity was taken to give our new crewmembers a chance to steer and get a feel of the boat during night and windy conditions. Steveston was in the dark due to a power outage but at 10:15 pm the Fraser moored at her berth without any issues after a very successful evening.

The 11th was a slightly less windy evening and many more Carol Ships participated. We welcomed RCM-SAR Unit 8 aboard to enjoy a warm-up coffee and tour.