Lucille Johnstone Workboat Parade – Sep 2021

On 25 Sep 2021 both Fraser and Delta Lifeboats attended the Lucille Johnstone Workboat Parade in New Westminster. Both boats headed up early in the morning and anchored at Surrey Fraser Docks area and shared lunch and coffee.

The boats all passed by the New Westminster waterfront as far down as the newly built Westminster Pier Park at the north end. The more agile boats in the parade line took the opportunity to show off and do some spins, close-quarters approaches, and bounding over the wakes of the other vessels. The crowds were small but enthusiastic as people waved to the crews from shore. After a second loop around the lifeboats headed back to their respective stations.

A few observations were made and have been passed to the event organizer. Safety patrols were conducted both ways of the voyage.