Round Bowen Island Paddleboard and Kayak Race – Jul 2021

On 24 Jul 2021 the Delta Lifeboat departed Ladner to provide support to the Round Bowen Island Paddleboard and Kayak Race 2021. The lifeboat was also able to respond en route, to another request by removing a 75′ tree that was causing a problem in Ladner Harbour.
On 25 Jul the race start was staggered over 1.5 hours and Delta L/B moved off to give close escort to the early starts while RCM-SAR 1B took up station with the later starters. Thankfully there were no medical requirements although a quick search had to be made for a competitor who appeared to be missing. He was quickly accounted for. Most of the retirees were because of exhaustion. Delta L/B did have to request a number of fast-moving powerboats to slow down and move further away for safety.