RCYC Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks – Apr 2022

After receiving our yearly Transport Canada PCCC training in January 2022, the CLI participated in their first PCCC of the year; and for some crew members their first one ever. CLI crewmember D. Maxwell organized this yearly event for the Royal City Yacht Club which included a company that inspected (and sold for $700) fire extinguishers, expired flare collection, a swap meet, and a potluck.

The 14 vessels and their owners that participated were very well prepared as it was not the first time they were doing this. Most owners had all the required items ready for inspection. All vessels complied with the checks and received their annual decal.

Due to the variation of vessels and owners, the CLI crew members who did the inspections learned a lot. The CLI also received $720.00 in donations and we look forward to next year’s event.

If you require a safety check for your pleasure vessel, we do them free of charge. Please feel free to contact us to arrange one, or check our PCCC page of this site to see if we have any scheduled events you can attend.